September, 2013

Posted by Mike Wojcik on September 8, 2013 at 8:35 PM

I wasn’t allowed to be in mainstreamed classes as a young kid in elementary school. According to some pointless standardized test I took and failed as a student, it said “I didn’t have the ability to retain information as quick as other students” I needed to be educated in resource. At that age I thought nothing of it, like most kids I was treated like a robot. I was told go to school, study and get good grades. I did just that. I did just enough to get by in elementary, middle and high school. I only did enough to get by because even at that young age with no life experience I knew it wasn’t school and all the pointless, meaningless work I was forced to do that was going to allow me to live the life I dreamed about living, but I went to college and paid 60,000 to get a piece of paper saying I passed. I did it only because that’s what I was told to do, but now that I think about it I was told to do it by people who did just that, go to college, graduate, get a career and get caught living life rather than building one.


Naturally as a kid when I was in resource I understood intelligence means NOTHING, ACTION means everything. Having persssonnal power (something everybody alive has but maybe 5 percent of the billions alive discovers) in my opinion is the most important thing you can have in life. Simply what personal power is, is the ability to act, making the decision to act will lead to success. Having personal power will allow you to build your own life and not just live one; it will allow you to turn dreams into reality. With my second chance at life I promised myself I will not be a robot, working 9-5 40, 50 hours a week being told what to do by a boss and get caught in the rat race. Like most. Making money, but spending more than they make, having no idea that people don’t make money, money makes money. I would be my own boss and do what I want when I want, but people get jobs working for someone else then have kids because that’s what they were told life is, going to school, graduating, getting a job. It used to be falling in love, getting married then having kids, but now it seems the falling in love married part got cut out, but who am I to talk about love, relationships and children? I’m a 29 year old single kid who can’t talk or drive. Ill zip it.

I can talk about how to be successful, “How to turn dreams into reality though” I’ve done it my whole life. I could summarize this whole entry and tell you the reason I was successful at everything I was in life by simply saying “just take action”. I was successful because when I was told I can’t, I did. I always believed in myself, I’m always pushing and I saw opportunities that most would miss or perceive differently.

I saw my accident as an opportunity to contribute to society by educating motivating and inspiring. Every person you pass each day and don’t bother to meet is an opportunity that may have changed your life. Knowing that makes my deficit of not being able to verbally communicate so frustrating to handle


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Reply Mary Ann Conway
4:24 PM on October 12, 2013 
"...ACTION means everything... " is a great message, Mike!

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