Aug 10, 2013

Posted by Mike Wojcik on August 10, 2013 at 2:05 AM

Most who celebrate anniversaries do so for weddings, not me yet. August 10th is my 5 year anniversary of the day that was almost my last. I don’t get to celebrate my love for “The” one for me, but I get to celebrate life and a frustrating, annoying, depressing, yet, amazing life it has been. I guess climbing a mountain it can be frustrating, annoying and depressing at times. The past 5 years I have done more living, growing and learning then most. Soon after I woke from my coma I had a experience. I know I was given a second chance at life for a few reasons including to motivate, educate, inspire and when the time is right to love and be a father.

Being able to motivate, educate and inspire others although it comes natural and is so easy for me it has been a challenge to book presentations. Convincing the right people that I turned a near tragedy in my life into a teachable moment for others and can do more educating, inspiring and motivating in 45 minutes then a student will ever get in kindergarten through college has been tougher than I anticipated, but as I said many times god picked the right guy for the job. I am the squeakiest wheel when it comes to booking presentations and I do not stop until I get oiled. On my own with no voice, ability to drive I have been able to book about 30 presentations at various middle schools, high schools, churches, youth groups, wrestling clubs and colleges, As I laid near lifeless I envisioned what I wanted to do with my second chance at life and although 30 is not even a fraction of the amount of presentations’ I should have done. It’s a start and even an avalanche is started with a snowflake. When it comes to the finding love I met 2 girls in 5 years. I cannot wait for that love snowflake to fall and start that avalanche. LOL

When I lived in BTU (Brain trauma unit) before I was forced to live in the recovery hospital for 9 months I ran on a treadmill 4mph. After I did that I was tied to a ambulance bed where I was transported to “Hellwick” where I was put in a bed with railings. It drives me crazy that people do not see the potential in me that I know I have so I just prove everybody who doesn’t believe in me wrong 1 activity at a time.

Tell me I can’t walk, I will run miles at a time. Tell me I can’t workout. I will put myself through workouts that will make your jaw hit the floor. Tell me I can’t swim; I will swim the length of a pool then beat my dad in a swim race. Tell me I can’t drive. I will smoke my brother (A aspiring race car driver) in a race. Tell me I cant dance, as goofy as I look I dance all night long.

As far as recovering and my brain finding new pathways to my tongue, lips, jaw and the whole left side of my body it is incredibly slow. The other day while on vacation I showed my brother I was able to touch the right side of my bottom lip with my tongue, that was a first, it only took me 5 years. Not being able to coordinate words using my tongue lips and jaw after 5 years does not surprise me. As soon as I woke up and tried screaming because I was lonely and scared and no noise came out, I didn’t believe I will be talking anytime soon. I believed I would motivate, educate, and inspire others and I did. I didn’t believe I would be an all American or national champ in wrestling and I wasn’t. I believed I would be a county, distract, region champ and state place winner, I was. I knew in 8th grade I would graduate college and be a teacher and I did and am. Confusciouse said “Whether we think we can or cannot we are probably right.” it’s scary true.

The only other thing I have been unable to do since I woke up is drive the only thing holding me back from driving is my parents. They refuse to make me an appointment with my eye doctor so he can write me out a script to take my driving test. It cost me 1,000 dollars out of pocket just to get an appointment with my eye doctor. After telling him I do not want glasses and I will not wear them he made me 2 wrong pairs. Not 1, 2. He then gives me a eye exam which I had passed and would have been allowed to drive 2 years ago, but I didn’t want to drive then, but I do now. If 80 year old grandmas, Indians, half blind people can drive there is NO reason just because I can’t verbally talk I can’t drive. Go ahead tell me I can’t.

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