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March 23, 2015

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I recently posted a comparison photo on face book with a before picture of me in a coma then how I look now, muscular and healthy. “The way I envisioned myself looking as I laid lifeless shortly after awakening from my coma.” The problem with simply posting a picture with no explanation it doesn’t represent the vision I have in my mind.

Of the 12 laws of the universe the law of attraction is the most powerful law. It’s the law by which we are creating our life weather we realize it or not, based on what we are thinking and feeling. We as humans on earth create our own reality, we create our own circumstances. We create our own circumstances by choices we make and the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts so our thoughts are the most powerful thing we have. Based upon what we think determines how we feel and who we are so we attract who we are to ourselves.

The thoughts we think, the books we read the images we hold, what we focus on our attention on all contributes to how we feel.

In order for that goal to manifest or become physical in the world. The universe had to arrange itself. While lying minimally unconscious I had no gym membership, no rides, I was fed by a feeding tube, I was unable to open my left hand I was attached to a breathing machine etc. Although I knew in my heart and soul that’s the body I deserve, that’s who I am, I wasn’t able to make it happen for years. I had to deal with all the Bs that life throws in your path while chasing any goal. Same principal applies for chasing any goal. I know for a fact I deserve a beautiful girl “Blond of course”. Who will accept me for who I am, love me and grow with me. I know I deserve a amazing well paying, extremely fulfilling career, but although I want it now on my time I need to be PATIANT and wait for the universe to let it happen on its time. I will be 31 May 12 2015 and I just recently learned what patience is. “its waiting for the universe to arrange itself”.

May 6th, 2014

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Kenny Chesney said it best when he said,”I turned on the evening news

Saw a old man being interviewed

Turning a hundred and two today

Asked him what's the secret to life

He looked up from his old pipe

Laughed and said "All I can say is."



Don't blink

Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you

Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife

Don't blink

You just might miss your babies growing like mine did

Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your better half

Of fifty years is there in bed

And you're praying God takes you instead

Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think

So don't blink”


May 12, 20014 it will be my 30th birthday. Sticking with the country theme. I was 18 when I decided I want to continue my wrestling career in college and get my teaching degree while at it. I left in 2002 “blinked” Came home in 2007 suffered a career ending neck injury as a member of the D1 West Virginia wrestling team. I got a degree to teach health and physical education k-12 and coach. During this time I lost some great girls from my life. “blinked” I worked construction and waited tables for 2 years. Then, I got hired to be a health and physical education teacher in my middle school and coach my high schools wrestling team. I went out with a group of friends to celebrate in 2008. I got into a accident. “Blinked”

The result of that accident for me was devastating and life altering. I received a broken color bone, many facial fractures and minor cuts and bruises, however that was the good news.

I suffered 2 ruptured arteries, one to my right arm and one to my brain. That was followed by 2 strokes, it was determined 3 quarters of the right side of my brain had been destroyed. I was air lifted to a community hospital where they worked on me a little, but were unable to handle the extent of my injuries. My lungs were collapsed and I wasn’t breathing. I was air lifted again to a trauma center where they performed life saving techniques on me; it was touch and go for several days. It was an hour ride each way for family and friends to visit, so I got transferred to a rehabilitation hospital closer to home. That became my new home for 8 months where I had to relearn everything. It was as if I was a 24 year old baby. I just laid there unable to do a thing for myself. All I could do was listen. I would hear friends and family talk to me when they visited. It drove me nuts I couldn’t simply respond to them and tell them im ok or get me the hell out of here.

I got out of the hospital I was 24. My mother was so relieved to be at my 25 birthday because when I was 18 I told her I would not see my 25th birthday. “I just knew””Blinked

Despite what it looks like on the outside with my positive attitude and smile. Every day is a struggle trying to make sense of this accident and fit in and find my place in this world while not having the luxury to verbally communicate, eat solid foods, drive, etc for the past 5 and a half years. It feels like I was 18 yesterday. In a few weeks ill b 30. Where does time go? Don’t blink

There will be a gathering at mjs in matawan “845 rt 34 north” for my 30th. All are invited to come


September, 2013

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I wasn’t allowed to be in mainstreamed classes as a young kid in elementary school. According to some pointless standardized test I took and failed as a student, it said “I didn’t have the ability to retain information as quick as other students” I needed to be educated in resource. At that age I thought nothing of it, like most kids I was treated like a robot. I was told go to school, study and get good grades. I did just that. I did just enough to get by in elementary, middle and high school. I only did enough to get by because even at that young age with no life experience I knew it wasn’t school and all the pointless, meaningless work I was forced to do that was going to allow me to live the life I dreamed about living, but I went to college and paid 60,000 to get a piece of paper saying I passed. I did it only because that’s what I was told to do, but now that I think about it I was told to do it by people who did just that, go to college, graduate, get a career and get caught living life rather than building one.


Naturally as a kid when I was in resource I understood intelligence means NOTHING, ACTION means everything. Having persssonnal power (something everybody alive has but maybe 5 percent of the billions alive discovers) in my opinion is the most important thing you can have in life. Simply what personal power is, is the ability to act, making the decision to act will lead to success. Having personal power will allow you to build your own life and not just live one; it will allow you to turn dreams into reality. With my second chance at life I promised myself I will not be a robot, working 9-5 40, 50 hours a week being told what to do by a boss and get caught in the rat race. Like most. Making money, but spending more than they make, having no idea that people don’t make money, money makes money. I would be my own boss and do what I want when I want, but people get jobs working for someone else then have kids because that’s what they were told life is, going to school, graduating, getting a job. It used to be falling in love, getting married then having kids, but now it seems the falling in love married part got cut out, but who am I to talk about love, relationships and children? I’m a 29 year old single kid who can’t talk or drive. Ill zip it.

I can talk about how to be successful, “How to turn dreams into reality though” I’ve done it my whole life. I could summarize this whole entry and tell you the reason I was successful at everything I was in life by simply saying “just take action”. I was successful because when I was told I can’t, I did. I always believed in myself, I’m always pushing and I saw opportunities that most would miss or perceive differently.

I saw my accident as an opportunity to contribute to society by educating motivating and inspiring. Every person you pass each day and don’t bother to meet is an opportunity that may have changed your life. Knowing that makes my deficit of not being able to verbally communicate so frustrating to handle


Aug 10, 2013

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Most who celebrate anniversaries do so for weddings, not me yet. August 10th is my 5 year anniversary of the day that was almost my last. I don’t get to celebrate my love for “The” one for me, but I get to celebrate life and a frustrating, annoying, depressing, yet, amazing life it has been. I guess climbing a mountain it can be frustrating, annoying and depressing at times. The past 5 years I have done more living, growing and learning then most. Soon after I woke from my coma I had a experience. I know I was given a second chance at life for a few reasons including to motivate, educate, inspire and when the time is right to love and be a father.

Being able to motivate, educate and inspire others although it comes natural and is so easy for me it has been a challenge to book presentations. Convincing the right people that I turned a near tragedy in my life into a teachable moment for others and can do more educating, inspiring and motivating in 45 minutes then a student will ever get in kindergarten through college has been tougher than I anticipated, but as I said many times god picked the right guy for the job. I am the squeakiest wheel when it comes to booking presentations and I do not stop until I get oiled. On my own with no voice, ability to drive I have been able to book about 30 presentations at various middle schools, high schools, churches, youth groups, wrestling clubs and colleges, As I laid near lifeless I envisioned what I wanted to do with my second chance at life and although 30 is not even a fraction of the amount of presentations’ I should have done. It’s a start and even an avalanche is started with a snowflake. When it comes to the finding love I met 2 girls in 5 years. I cannot wait for that love snowflake to fall and start that avalanche. LOL

When I lived in BTU (Brain trauma unit) before I was forced to live in the recovery hospital for 9 months I ran on a treadmill 4mph. After I did that I was tied to a ambulance bed where I was transported to “Hellwick” where I was put in a bed with railings. It drives me crazy that people do not see the potential in me that I know I have so I just prove everybody who doesn’t believe in me wrong 1 activity at a time.

Tell me I can’t walk, I will run miles at a time. Tell me I can’t workout. I will put myself through workouts that will make your jaw hit the floor. Tell me I can’t swim; I will swim the length of a pool then beat my dad in a swim race. Tell me I can’t drive. I will smoke my brother (A aspiring race car driver) in a race. Tell me I cant dance, as goofy as I look I dance all night long.

As far as recovering and my brain finding new pathways to my tongue, lips, jaw and the whole left side of my body it is incredibly slow. The other day while on vacation I showed my brother I was able to touch the right side of my bottom lip with my tongue, that was a first, it only took me 5 years. Not being able to coordinate words using my tongue lips and jaw after 5 years does not surprise me. As soon as I woke up and tried screaming because I was lonely and scared and no noise came out, I didn’t believe I will be talking anytime soon. I believed I would motivate, educate, and inspire others and I did. I didn’t believe I would be an all American or national champ in wrestling and I wasn’t. I believed I would be a county, distract, region champ and state place winner, I was. I knew in 8th grade I would graduate college and be a teacher and I did and am. Confusciouse said “Whether we think we can or cannot we are probably right.” it’s scary true.

The only other thing I have been unable to do since I woke up is drive the only thing holding me back from driving is my parents. They refuse to make me an appointment with my eye doctor so he can write me out a script to take my driving test. It cost me 1,000 dollars out of pocket just to get an appointment with my eye doctor. After telling him I do not want glasses and I will not wear them he made me 2 wrong pairs. Not 1, 2. He then gives me a eye exam which I had passed and would have been allowed to drive 2 years ago, but I didn’t want to drive then, but I do now. If 80 year old grandmas, Indians, half blind people can drive there is NO reason just because I can’t verbally talk I can’t drive. Go ahead tell me I can’t.

Jan 4, 2013 New Years Resolution

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I have been contemplating writing a blog that could motivate people to make educated and lasting new year’s resolutions, but when I was asked for advice and tips for a resolution I responded by saying “I was actually thinking about writing a blog about new year’s resolutions, but didn’t want to waste my time because the fact is in less than a week people completely lose focus and forget about their goal”. People should ALWAYS be pursuing their goals. People need to realize there life comes from their rituals. The reasons we are able to speak read and write is because its stuff we do every day, it’s in our rituals, Thus the reason a main focus in my motivational/educational presentations is to make thinking before they act a ritual in kids life at a young age.

People do not go to work one day a week, their boss forces workers to work 6/7 days a week 40/50 hours a or some less than 40 because the cheap fucks don’t want to provide healthcare. The reason for 5 days a week is because they want results and you do not get results going hard for one week then quitting. In order to make things a ritual you need to enjoy doing them. What I would encourage people to do in 2013 is do not set yourself up for failure by setting a stupid unrealistic goal. Rather this new year I would encourage people to search for their destiny, explore different paths and find what makes them happiest. What fulfills you? Often people strive for success, but success without fulfillment is failure.

Why are you working, going to school or dating the person you date? Is it going somewhere or are you on a dead end journey? I been single and jobless for 4 years, but that’s fine with me. Often because people have a career/ job and relationship they think there successful. But I would strongly disagree and encourage people to use my golf analogy about decisions while deciding on career, job or significant other. My golf example is as follows. When driving a golf ball the tiniest change while hitting the ball will drastically change the destination of the ball. It could be a change in your grip or position of your feet. It seems like nothing at the time, but when you drive that ball 2/300 yards it will give I a completely new destination. The reason I’m fine with being single and jobless is because I’m setting up for the perfect stance so when I hit that golf ball its destination will be comparable with my goal. I would advise people the same this New Year. Be patient and get a good stance before driving that ball For those who aren’t good at following analogies don’t dive into a relationship because it’s easy or work at a stupid job because it pays. A common thing you see on face book is the stupid hearts and says so and so is in a relationship then often months later so an so is single then the ones who remain in a dead end relationship do it because there either scared to hurt the other person or scared to be alone. Take time; get a good stance before divining ball because 2/300 yards or 20/30 years you will have a completely different destination or life


Dec 23, 2012 Hurricane Sandy

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I haven’t written a blog in a while because nothing has compelled me to write. I’m sure everybody heard about super storm “Sandy,” some lost everything from materialistic things like houses, cars, and boats. Some even lost friends, family members, children and babies. The reason this super storm “Sandy has compelled me to write is because I know firsthand what it’s like to have things you thought you would have forever unexpectedly stolen from you. The fact is “Shit” happens in life, “Shit” we have absolutely no control over. Who the hell would have thought after going to college having a great relationship to wrestle and get my teaching degree I would graduate, come home, get hired for my dream job and end up living home single with mommy and daddy unable to verbally communicate, eat solid food or drive. Who would have thought Mother Nature would deal such a harsh blow, devastating our coast line, houses, theme parks and people’s lives? Nobody, but “Shit” happens. We may have lost some stuff, but The reason Jersey isn’t giving up, crawling up and crying about its temporary some lifelong deficits is because it knows it’s going to come back so much better than it ever was because like me, jersey is strong and knows mother nature can only stun us and throw obstacles in our path, but can never hold us down permanently. The rebuilding of the jersey shore although completely different then the re -wiring of my brain it has one thing in common. It takes a long ass time, but will be back different, but better than it ever was!

Nov 22, 2012 Happy Thanksgiving!

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Now that I have been living without the luxuries of talking, eating and driving I have become dependent on my mind. I am fascinated with it and curious of its potential. On this thanksgiving I wanted to be thankful for abilities that Everyone alive has. We all have a great gift, a power inside that we all just take for granted, without even thinking about it. We have a great power that allows our heart to beat 100.000 times a day without even thinking about it, It pumps over 6000 quarts of blood a day, it’s all pumped through blood vassals that are 60,000 miles long, that’s enough to circle the earth twice at the equator, we have eyes that can distinct 10, 0000 different shades of colors. We have a set of muscles that together can pull 25 tons. All of this is being run in a body that is made up of about 98 percent water, all controlled by a 3 pound lump of matter we call our brain. A device that monitors everything, works for over 70 years with very little care and runs on enough electricity that can run a 10 watt light bulb. It has the storage capacity that even with today’s technology would require 2 buildings the size of the world trade center. Your mind is probably the greatest computer on this planet. When used properly, it can contain any dream or goal you desire, but run ineffectively your goals remain dreams. It is your decision.

The body and mind are obviously extremely more powerful than most humans even know about or bother to explore. Every thanksgiving we all claim to be grateful for the same “ Shit” and it shouldn’t change from year to year. I wanted to bring it to peoples attention just how powerful and amazing the human body is and encourage them to be grateful for it while their body has the ability to do all these things.


Reality Strikes

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Mar 6, 2012

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I would compare making a decision then taking immediate massive action towards achieving it to driving a golf ball. The slightest change when driving a golf ball will drastically change the destination of the ball. At the moment it seems like nothing. It could be the position of your hands or feet, but when you hit the ball two or three hundred yards it gives it a completely new destination. I would compare that to decisions people make daily. At the time, a decision seems like nothing, but when you look at it ten or twenty years from now you will have a completely different life. It could be any decision, such as where to work, who to date, whether or not to join a gym, invest in something, go to college, where to live, etc. When making a decision, like driving a golf ball, you need to become conscious of every little change because that little change will completely change your life.

Dec 26, 2011

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Of the 6 things I believe everyone needs in life to live a happy, successful, meaningful life, my father has taken care of me having something to look forward too by constantly booking cruises. The most recent cruise was to the Caribbean for Christmas. This year’s Christmas wasn’t white. Rather, it was a Caribbean Christmas. You would think just being on a cruise traveling to seven islands not having to cook, do laundry, drive, or clean for 12 days would be amazing. It was, but being in a position like mine, it’s not food and relaxing that excites me. Being social is what makes me happy, but without the ability to talk it has made it difficult. This is an example of how a simple idea that is immediately acted on can change your life. In a position like mine without the ability to talk one of my biggest fears is feeling left out, alone or ignored.

A kid we met was talking and joking about the movie, “The hang over.” From that conversation I decided to start a “wolf pack.” The wolf pack started as two, but quickly grew to at least 50. The reason I started it is because I know everyone likes to be a part of something. Rather then sit all alone without the luxury to talk; I decided to start the “wolf pack”. Sure enough by the end of the cruise I had people asking me if they can join the “Wolf pack.” Everything starts out as nothing but a simple idea. The only problem is most often people never act on them and they remain ideas. The reason most ideas are never acted on is because people have an unconscious fear of failure. They unconsciously remember the pain and disappointment they had the last time there idea failed. My idea this time was only to start a silly “wolf pack.”If that idea fails, who gives a shit? What I mean by having a unconscious fear of failure is with the more important things in life. Could be an idea to ask a beautiful girl out, but you’re scared of rejection; it could be a idea to start your own business. Most often the biggest thing that stands in people’s way is themselves, but if people learn to exercise their mind just as you would exercise your body, you will be able to just act automatically and not even think about rejection or failure and that unconscious fear of failure will be eliminated and it will open give your life so much more opportunity. The mindset I have and would encourage everyone to adopt is, “who gives a shit if you fail”? Failure is life’s best teacher and it’s free. When I am dancing and see a beautiful girl I just simply start dancing with her. What’s the worst that can happen? She rejects me? Then I’m in the exact same position I was in before I tried. When aspired to be a motivational/educational speaker, but was laughed at because I can’t talk that did not stop me from becoming one.

In life you can only feel so much alone. You can visit the most beautiful places on earth, have all the money in the world, but if you have no one to share those great things with you will be the poorest man in this world. I was fortunate enough to meet a amazing group of people from all over the country and world who accepted me for who I am regardless of my deficits, by the end of the cruise they felt like family.


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