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I was hired to be a middle school health and physical education teacher and assistant high school wrestling coach at the middle school and high school I attended. My accident was 3 weeks before my starting day.
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Of all I lost, such as, my career, girlfriend, ability to walk, talk, eat and drive. It was losing the privilege to educate and be a role model for kids teaching and coaching. It wasn’t until the feedback I received after my first presentation to 11,000 WVU students did I realize I was given a great gift that came as a blessing in disguise. I was given the opportunity to educate, motivate, and inspire with my personal life story. I won’t be forced to teach from a book that is out dated most times. The title of my presentation is “Think before You Act” Every day we are faced with decisions that can have an impact far greater than we can imagine. I encourage kids to make a lifestyle change to take a moment to think, reflect and use good judgment before doing something reckless. Because if not, in a matter of seconds, your life can be changed forever.
Below is a few of the hundreds of responses that students personally sent me after being at my presentation.
Middle school kids 
Mike wow where do I start?!?! When u came to KPMS I was sooo sooo inspired u showed us that life has it's ups and downs but u can get through them u you truly have i pray for u every night hoping u will be able to fulfill your dreams that r temporarily on hold!!:) Thank you soo much for coming and inspiring all of us!:) I will now always think b4 I act anymore:)
Hey man your presentation was AMAZING I will think before I act. You haved changed the way I look at life.
Thanks for coming to KPMS! you really tought me to think twice before doing something. I ride atv's all the time and im going to be alot more careful! thanks again!
Thank you so much for coming to Kpms you were an inspiration thank you for teaching us to think before we act thank you 
thanks so much for coming to kpms you have inspired us all to think of things before we do them thanks 
Thank you so much for coming and sharing your story with all the KPMS students. It was so touching. It inspired me.. I will also be praying for you. Thanks a lot!
Dood. You completely changed the way ive looked at things.Thanks for coming to KPMS. I wouldn't be the same if you didnt.

thank you SO much for coming to KPMS. you inspired all of us, & we're beyond prod of you. you're in everyone's prayers, & we hope to see you getting back to your life before your accident, with time, and the hard work you put in. you touched me, & changed my life & opinion on EVERYTHING. again, thank you! 

Yesterday at 5:09am • Like Mike,
You are my inspiration! (: Thank you so much for telling me your story! It makes me really think about things before I do them. I just want to Thanks you! :D•

You are a awesome person! You have had the worst thing happen to u but people care about u and that is the reason u r who u r right now because u r happy to have friends that care! U r a great role model to everyone! I am glad u came 2 my school 2 educate the kids about what might happen 2 them if they did what u did and what u did was u maybe changed kids minds if they ever wanted to drink and the was a great idea to come to my school and other schools to educate kids!


Mike your presentation At keyser was excellent. I can't thank you enough for your inspiring program. I know you said people will probably forget but I wont and I'll pray for you every day and knight. Your my hero, you never gave up and I hope you never do. Your my hero
Mike, your presentation touched & helped think about life and look at how not everyday is a right it's a gift. Your a huge inspiration too our school Keyser primary Middle School, & you'll be in my prayers! Thank-you so much! l will think before l act, 
Sunday a
You are such an inspiration. You did a program at my school on Friday and it was great! You made me think of how serious it is. I got my picture taken with you also. (: You have made and extreme impact on me. You are very inspirational. You have touched many peoples lives with your story. I will pray for you. 
Love Katie. (:
Mike, man your presentation was great!!!!!! I'll be praying 4 ya man. You really inspired my school (KPMS)....... Thank you so much 4 coming. You really changed the way i look at things now.

• Wow... I cant believe how much you touched and helped every one at my school, including me! Thank you so much, and I'll be praying for ya! inspired me with the presentation you gave my school really touched my heart...your story was really inspiring...just wanted to tell you thanks and that you are in my prayers and will always are a very strong man and don't give up you are doing an excellent job!Thanks for everything!

Sunday at You did a presentation at my school Friday, and I just wanted to Thank You! Your story is really touching. I think you are one of the biggest role models to our school now! You will be in my prayers, for sure! Your a huge inspiration!  Thanks again!


the presentation you gave to my school on Friday was breathtaking. it brought tears to my eyes, and it moved me like you would never believe. i think everyone will remember your words, and i definitely will. thank you for everything! you're in my thoughts and prayers!

Mike you story has really impacted me on what to do and not what to do. I will never ever do anything like that in my life. Because if I ever think about doing something like that I will think of your story that you shared with us. I would just like to say thank you for coming all the way to KPMS to share your story!

Thank you for the program at my school [KPMS] that was very interesting &* just because of you I am sure that it is gonna help a lot of people know for they're future. You really made people think &* I bet you're very glad you got too a lot of people cause I am sure glad you did. Cause you got too me.
thats so true u always know what to say i know your not in your job but what u do teaches people

College kids 
Hey, Mike!
I was at your presentation the other day and I was just blown away by your perseverance and positive attitude! You are such an inspiration to so many people and I think that it is such a miracle of God that you survived your accident. You are reaching so many people and giving hope. Thank you so much for coming and for living a life that serves other people. I truly hope that one day I can reach out to half as many people as you have. Keep up the amazing work!! 

Hey mike, I attended your seminar at WVU last night. Really inspiring stuff. I am a PETE student as well. I am a little older than everyone in my cohort, at 28. I couldn't count how many times I've done the same exact thing that you did, the day of your accident. I am one of the lucky ones, I could have easily been in the same hospital bed as you many times. Keep fighting Mike and inspiring others to do the same. Willing to chat anytime. Take care, God Bless You
I attended your presentation earlier this evening and I just want to say thank you! You are truly an inspiration and I sincerely hope that from here on out you are blessed with only the best of luck.
Hey Mike,
I am Brittany, I am Ruth's graduate assistant and I wanted to thank you SO much for your presentation tonight! I came to WVU from Canada on an athletic scholarship for my undergraduate degree in 2006 so we may have crossed paths at some point. I am truly in awe of your courage and love how charismatic you are on stage I think you sent a great message to everyone tonight and I think more than 10% will stick with us all. I hope to see you again soon, keep up the great work, it is people like you who make a difference in this world! Please thank your dad for being a great speaker too.

Hi Mike,
I was at your presentation at WVU the other night. I wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me and have changed my perspectives on things. I admire your attitude towards what you have been through. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet you and hear your story. The world needs more people with your outlook on life! Thank you for taking the time to come and share your presentation. It was truly life-changing.
Contact me about booking a motivational/educational presentation
E mail-
Number 732 688 8939 Texts only LOL

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