Jan 4, 2013 New Years Resolution

Posted by Mike Wojcik on January 4, 2013 at 6:35 PM

I have been contemplating writing a blog that could motivate people to make educated and lasting new year’s resolutions, but when I was asked for advice and tips for a resolution I responded by saying “I was actually thinking about writing a blog about new year’s resolutions, but didn’t want to waste my time because the fact is in less than a week people completely lose focus and forget about their goal”. People should ALWAYS be pursuing their goals. People need to realize there life comes from their rituals. The reasons we are able to speak read and write is because its stuff we do every day, it’s in our rituals, Thus the reason a main focus in my motivational/educational presentations is to make thinking before they act a ritual in kids life at a young age.

People do not go to work one day a week, their boss forces workers to work 6/7 days a week 40/50 hours a or some less than 40 because the cheap fucks don’t want to provide healthcare. The reason for 5 days a week is because they want results and you do not get results going hard for one week then quitting. In order to make things a ritual you need to enjoy doing them. What I would encourage people to do in 2013 is do not set yourself up for failure by setting a stupid unrealistic goal. Rather this new year I would encourage people to search for their destiny, explore different paths and find what makes them happiest. What fulfills you? Often people strive for success, but success without fulfillment is failure.

Why are you working, going to school or dating the person you date? Is it going somewhere or are you on a dead end journey? I been single and jobless for 4 years, but that’s fine with me. Often because people have a career/ job and relationship they think there successful. But I would strongly disagree and encourage people to use my golf analogy about decisions while deciding on career, job or significant other. My golf example is as follows. When driving a golf ball the tiniest change while hitting the ball will drastically change the destination of the ball. It could be a change in your grip or position of your feet. It seems like nothing at the time, but when you drive that ball 2/300 yards it will give I a completely new destination. The reason I’m fine with being single and jobless is because I’m setting up for the perfect stance so when I hit that golf ball its destination will be comparable with my goal. I would advise people the same this New Year. Be patient and get a good stance before driving that ball For those who aren’t good at following analogies don’t dive into a relationship because it’s easy or work at a stupid job because it pays. A common thing you see on face book is the stupid hearts and says so and so is in a relationship then often months later so an so is single then the ones who remain in a dead end relationship do it because there either scared to hurt the other person or scared to be alone. Take time; get a good stance before divining ball because 2/300 yards or 20/30 years you will have a completely different destination or life


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