Nov 22, 2012 Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Mike Wojcik on November 22, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Now that I have been living without the luxuries of talking, eating and driving I have become dependent on my mind. I am fascinated with it and curious of its potential. On this thanksgiving I wanted to be thankful for abilities that Everyone alive has. We all have a great gift, a power inside that we all just take for granted, without even thinking about it. We have a great power that allows our heart to beat 100.000 times a day without even thinking about it, It pumps over 6000 quarts of blood a day, it’s all pumped through blood vassals that are 60,000 miles long, that’s enough to circle the earth twice at the equator, we have eyes that can distinct 10, 0000 different shades of colors. We have a set of muscles that together can pull 25 tons. All of this is being run in a body that is made up of about 98 percent water, all controlled by a 3 pound lump of matter we call our brain. A device that monitors everything, works for over 70 years with very little care and runs on enough electricity that can run a 10 watt light bulb. It has the storage capacity that even with today’s technology would require 2 buildings the size of the world trade center. Your mind is probably the greatest computer on this planet. When used properly, it can contain any dream or goal you desire, but run ineffectively your goals remain dreams. It is your decision.

The body and mind are obviously extremely more powerful than most humans even know about or bother to explore. Every thanksgiving we all claim to be grateful for the same “ Shit” and it shouldn’t change from year to year. I wanted to bring it to peoples attention just how powerful and amazing the human body is and encourage them to be grateful for it while their body has the ability to do all these things.


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