March 23, 2015

Posted by Mike Wojcik on March 23, 2015 at 10:40 PM

I recently posted a comparison photo on face book with a before picture of me in a coma then how I look now, muscular and healthy. “The way I envisioned myself looking as I laid lifeless shortly after awakening from my coma.” The problem with simply posting a picture with no explanation it doesn’t represent the vision I have in my mind.

Of the 12 laws of the universe the law of attraction is the most powerful law. It’s the law by which we are creating our life weather we realize it or not, based on what we are thinking and feeling. We as humans on earth create our own reality, we create our own circumstances. We create our own circumstances by choices we make and the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts so our thoughts are the most powerful thing we have. Based upon what we think determines how we feel and who we are so we attract who we are to ourselves.

The thoughts we think, the books we read the images we hold, what we focus on our attention on all contributes to how we feel.

In order for that goal to manifest or become physical in the world. The universe had to arrange itself. While lying minimally unconscious I had no gym membership, no rides, I was fed by a feeding tube, I was unable to open my left hand I was attached to a breathing machine etc. Although I knew in my heart and soul that’s the body I deserve, that’s who I am, I wasn’t able to make it happen for years. I had to deal with all the Bs that life throws in your path while chasing any goal. Same principal applies for chasing any goal. I know for a fact I deserve a beautiful girl “Blond of course”. Who will accept me for who I am, love me and grow with me. I know I deserve a amazing well paying, extremely fulfilling career, but although I want it now on my time I need to be PATIANT and wait for the universe to let it happen on its time. I will be 31 May 12 2015 and I just recently learned what patience is. “its waiting for the universe to arrange itself”.

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