Mar 6, 2012

Posted by Mike Wojcik on March 6, 2012 at 11:25 PM

I would compare making a decision then taking immediate massive action towards achieving it to driving a golf ball. The slightest change when driving a golf ball will drastically change the destination of the ball. At the moment it seems like nothing. It could be the position of your hands or feet, but when you hit the ball two or three hundred yards it gives it a completely new destination. I would compare that to decisions people make daily. At the time, a decision seems like nothing, but when you look at it ten or twenty years from now you will have a completely different life. It could be any decision, such as where to work, who to date, whether or not to join a gym, invest in something, go to college, where to live, etc. When making a decision, like driving a golf ball, you need to become conscious of every little change because that little change will completely change your life.

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