Dec 26, 2011

Posted by Mike Wojcik on December 26, 2011 at 8:05 PM

Of the 6 things I believe everyone needs in life to live a happy, successful, meaningful life, my father has taken care of me having something to look forward too by constantly booking cruises. The most recent cruise was to the Caribbean for Christmas. This year’s Christmas wasn’t white. Rather, it was a Caribbean Christmas. You would think just being on a cruise traveling to seven islands not having to cook, do laundry, drive, or clean for 12 days would be amazing. It was, but being in a position like mine, it’s not food and relaxing that excites me. Being social is what makes me happy, but without the ability to talk it has made it difficult. This is an example of how a simple idea that is immediately acted on can change your life. In a position like mine without the ability to talk one of my biggest fears is feeling left out, alone or ignored.

A kid we met was talking and joking about the movie, “The hang over.” From that conversation I decided to start a “wolf pack.” The wolf pack started as two, but quickly grew to at least 50. The reason I started it is because I know everyone likes to be a part of something. Rather then sit all alone without the luxury to talk; I decided to start the “wolf pack”. Sure enough by the end of the cruise I had people asking me if they can join the “Wolf pack.” Everything starts out as nothing but a simple idea. The only problem is most often people never act on them and they remain ideas. The reason most ideas are never acted on is because people have an unconscious fear of failure. They unconsciously remember the pain and disappointment they had the last time there idea failed. My idea this time was only to start a silly “wolf pack.”If that idea fails, who gives a shit? What I mean by having a unconscious fear of failure is with the more important things in life. Could be an idea to ask a beautiful girl out, but you’re scared of rejection; it could be a idea to start your own business. Most often the biggest thing that stands in people’s way is themselves, but if people learn to exercise their mind just as you would exercise your body, you will be able to just act automatically and not even think about rejection or failure and that unconscious fear of failure will be eliminated and it will open give your life so much more opportunity. The mindset I have and would encourage everyone to adopt is, “who gives a shit if you fail”? Failure is life’s best teacher and it’s free. When I am dancing and see a beautiful girl I just simply start dancing with her. What’s the worst that can happen? She rejects me? Then I’m in the exact same position I was in before I tried. When aspired to be a motivational/educational speaker, but was laughed at because I can’t talk that did not stop me from becoming one.

In life you can only feel so much alone. You can visit the most beautiful places on earth, have all the money in the world, but if you have no one to share those great things with you will be the poorest man in this world. I was fortunate enough to meet a amazing group of people from all over the country and world who accepted me for who I am regardless of my deficits, by the end of the cruise they felt like family.

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Reply Jessie
7:19 PM on December 27, 2011 
Wow. I never looked at things that way but it makes so much sense. I'm inspired by you to be more positive and I'm glad you had a good time and met awesome people.

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