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Nov 16, 2011

Posted by Mike Wojcik on November 16, 2011 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear ________,

My name is Mike Wojcik, and I hope you can spare a few moments of your time to read this letter.

Three weeks before I was to begin my career as a Health and Physical Education school teacher, with the position of Assistant Wrestling Coach, I was critically injured on an ATV. This was August 10th 2008. I am considered a brain injury patient, and I currently cannot talk or eat. Fortunately, I still have my mind and my ability to type as a way of communication, but please excuse any grammatical errors or typos.

I would love the opportunity to visit and share a 45 minute presentation that tells a little about me and all I have been through. It also gives advice on ATV safety, alcohol awareness, and ways in which brain injuries could ultimately be avoided. Most of all, I want to encourage young adults to appreciate the little things in life, and to think before they act so they can make good decisions. Furthermore, it talks about how decisions shape destiny. It also talks about bullying and encourages kids to be leaders not bullies.

I feel my message needs to be heard by as many people as I can reach. It is a powerful one - one that will make a profound difference, impact lives, and motivate kids to think before They Act. It is an important one; just as important as any class they will ever take..

I was all set to begin my career, Instead, I am a young adult with a mountain of medical bills and college loans, so I do ask you help me, and in turn help others. I ask 1000 for middle schools and high schools. And 3000 for colleges. This presentation is unique; it will teach more than any book ever can. These numbers are based on amounts I have already received.

If you have time I would encourage you to watch my movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7P2SfpSN9g

Please contact me via e-mail if this is something you are interested in: [email protected]

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mike Wojcik

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Oct 26, 2011

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There comes a time in everyone’s life, whether they like it or not, they need to swallow their pride and ask for help. My family has given me help naturally without me asking, but it has come time I need to reach out to family friends and even people who don’t know me that well and ask for help. The reason being, I am so sick and tired of just sitting around waiting for a miracle that may or may not come. Talking again, for me, will be the equivalent of winning a national championship in wrestling. I know for an absolute fact you cannot just sit around waiting in wrestling, then one day wake up and be a national champ. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, sacrifice and commitment with no guarantees of the end result. But what in life is guaranteed? NOTHING, except death and taxes. There were many kids on my wrestling team in college; we all went through the same work outs. The workouts were grueling, but did not guarantee any of us championships, but that’s life. It’s about the pursuit of championships and dreams. It’s been said you will spend the majority of your life pursuing things; you need to learn to enjoy the ride.

As my family and friends waited in the hospital lounge they would share stories to pass time, while awaiting news of my condition. Of the many stories that were shared, they all had a positive an optimistic theme. Things were said such as, “Mikes a fighter, if anyone can beat this he will” and “Mike will pull through; he is the strongest guy we know”. And I will. The reason being, I understand a champion will change his approach as many times as it will take until he is successful. Traditional therapy did not work, so I will just model the same approach every champion does and change my approach. I will ask for donations so I can pay for oxygen therapy. Walking again came naturally and easily. However, eating and talking, not so much. Not being able to eat is only a little depressing; not being able to talk is unbelievably frustrating, but both are feasible. The hardest part of my recovery has come now; I am a 27 year old man asking for donations like a bum. Asking for money goes against who I am and what I stand for. The one thing I promised myself as a youngster is I would never ever ask anyone for money .I Did everything I was supposed to do to ensure I would be financially comfortable. I went to college, got a decent paying career, but now I find myself asking for money. Although I did not plan for this, sometimes “you just got to do what you got to do”, I guess. I will be having a benefit at Hazlet Fridays, November 30th to raise funds for this procedure, I would greatly appreciate all who come and would encourage them to spread the word

Oct 13, 2011

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Hey Mike! you were interested in hearing more about the oxygen therapy I've been researching for my presentation at the hospital. Actually, I think my mom knows more about its use for long term injuries - my research is focused on use in the emergency department immediately following trauma - but here is some info that applies to long term cases such as yours.

First, the good news is that the hyperbaric can be helpful even a long time after the injury, so it’s okay that you haven't had it yet. For chronic (long term) injuries a milder treatment called mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MBOT) is used. The good thing about this is that the pressure used is much less, so there are virtually no side effects. Usually there are at least 40 treatments, and often people don't start to see results until after 25 treatments or so. If it is helpful, another 40 treatments are often given to help the improvements "stick".

Not everyone improves with the therapy, but many do, sometimes even dramatically. There is no way to tell if it will help you except trying it. The idea is that the added pressure (like if you dove to the bottom of a 16' swimming pool) while breathing 100% oxygen makes the blood absorb a lot more oxygen - like it's supercharged - plus other bodily fluids are also able to transport oxygen. This is good for the brain because as you probably know a large part of the brain is fluid so the oxygen can get to more places. The idea is that there are many neurons in the brain (your brain has billions) that are just stunned, not destroyed, kind of like the yellow area around a bruise. The hope is that the extra oxygen will "wake them up" so they can start performing their functions again. Some possible effects of oxygen therapy are:

-Reduced swelling in the brain, which often lingers for a long time after the initial injury, leading to a return of function.

-Muscles are relaxed and spasticity is reduced. This is one of the more common effects and can lead to improved swallowing, and easier use of all your muscles. People do often claim improvements in their speech.

-Improved cognition and memory, higher IQ.

-New stem cells and new blood vessels are formed in the body so oxygen can get to more places making people feel better overall and increasing energy.

-Better balance and coordination. Improved quality of life.

The obvious down side is the expense and time treatment takes, without a guarantee it will work. Hospitals are super expensive and usually only treat the insurance approved conditions, but there are clinics that are much cheaper - possibly even less than $100/treatment. Portable chambers can also be rented to use at home, which is cheapest and most convenient, but usually it is better to be supervised by a qualified medical technician. The mild therapy though is said to be very safe with virtually no side effects.

Oxygen chambers were originally used to treat divers who have the bends, but it turned out that the caregivers who were also inside the chambers found that ailments they had were also improved. That is what started the hyperbaric doctors researching its use for things like brain injury. It would cost insurance companies a lot to cover hyperbaric treatment for problems that a lot of people have (like brain injury, autism, spinal cord injury) and sadly there are a lot of politics involved, like no drug companies will benefit since oxygen can’t be patented, so right now you are pretty much on your own if you want to try the treatment. Hyperbaric medicine isn’t taught in med school, so many doctors are unfamiliar and some insurance companies even insist their doctors not recommend off label uses – like for TBI and stroke - to patients. The best thing would probably be to make an appointment to talk to the professionals at one of the clinics to see what they have to offer you and get the viewpoint of the other side.

I hope this is helpful, Mike. Like I said, my mom's read a lot about this, and she might have more information about specific studies etc but I hope you’ll give it a shot. Never know unless you try right?! Good luck!

Aug 10, 2011 (3 year anniversary)

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Boy does time just fly, when I was living in the hospital tied down in cages a minute felt like an hour. Since I was home, an hour felt like a minute. Today is my 3 year anniversary from the day of the accident. Of course I hadn’t been awake for three years, I was busy having strokes, laying in a coma, then laying minimal conscious, What bugs me about it being 3 years later, I still can’t talk or eat, when I awoke I had the same exact go getter attitude and mentality I have today, nothing has changed, It has only taken three years to prove to doctors , family, friends and therapist, I can run, I can dance, I can lift weights and work out 3 hours a day as often as I can get a ride. The reason being, I suffered a “ brain injury” not a “mind injury,” there is not many people who understand just how powerful the mind is and how to achieve things using it , how to turn thoughts into reality, and that is the only thing I have done these past three years, and I guarantee I can drive, I said it from day 1 of being awake, I do not need to talk or eat to drive, I just have to deal with all the bullshit of people saying no no you can’t drive, you have a brain injury, I said I won’t push top drive because I have nowhere I need to be not being able to talk, I can’t work, and most of my friends dropped me, well it’s time to start pushing to drive, I made my own career of being a motivational/ educational presenter to schools everywhere, I got new friends, and I am the same exact kid I was when I awoke, only difference now is everyone or thing I needed to prove wrong I have so I no longer have to do that, which makes me happy. Not being able to talk or eat I’ll admit scares the shit out of me, but I was scared shitless 3 years ago when this nightmare began, so again nothing has changed.

July 5, 2011

Posted by Mike Wojcik on July 5, 2011 at 11:19 PM Comments comments (2)

In all my previous writings I refer to nothing as being impossible, but the truth is that is untrue. I do believe things are impossible, but I read a quote once that said, “Impossible is possible with god”. Subsequently, rather than saying things are impossible, I would say you need to know yourself and understand what you are and aren’t capable of. Nobody on this planet would know what you can or can’t do better than yourself. For example, when my high school guidance counselor told me I’m not college material and I would be better off at a community college rather than a four year university, I just laughed to myself because I believed in myself and knew I was capable of it, and that’s all that mattered. It seems I am always doubted in the beginning of each obstacle I approach, and that doubt motivates me. I admit there is so much I don’t know, but the one thing I always know is who I am and where I am going in life, and nobody can tell me different. With that being said, I believe this near fatal accident gave me a clear and compelling vision of what my destiny is. Everyone has a destiny, but as I said, learning what it is is the hardest thing in life and people figure it out at different times. Unfortunately, some never figure it out. However, I believe everyone should know who they are, where they’re going in life, be the captain of their soul, and create their own destiny, as opposed to being a victim of circumstances. That’s an attitude and mindset I would encourage everyone to adopt.

Back to god making the impossible possible. The truth is we can only push ourselves so much and accomplish certain things. Some people have genetic advantages, family, financial, and environmental. I was blessed with family advantages. I was blessed to have parents that believed in me and trusted me. I never had a curfew and always did what I wanted when I wanted. I believe being able to learn from my own mistakes allowed me to grow an incredible amount. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want in life no matter how bad we want it. The reason being, whether we know it or not, we’re not in charge of our lives and what will happen in them- GOD is. Remember, I view god as a mysterious force that drives us towards love, compassion, and understanding. I talked about all I understand in life and I now understand things I didn’t understand previously. What I didn’t understand is why I worked so hard in wrestling and couldn’t become a national champ no matter how hard I worked at it. The same thing applied for motocross, weight lifting, and school. I could not understand why I could train so hard on the track, lift so hard in the gym, and study so hard in the classroom, but never be smart, a body builder, or motocross champ. Some people are just born with an incredible amount of purely god given talents, Michael Jordan, tiger woods, Justin Beiber,Eminem, and the very long list continues are born to do what they do. Additionally, I don’t understand why some people with brain injuries who can’t talk experienced spontaneous recovery and talked like a light switch was flipped on or they didn’t lose their ability to speak at all. Nobody will ever understand why some get sick and die early, but the truth is whether you believe in god or not, god, or a mysterious force, is in charge and calls all the shots. However, I do believe god only helps those who help themselves. There were people with similar injuries to mine who didn’t live. That’s not to say they were bad and I lived because I’m good, because that’s bullshit. As silly as it may sound, I believe I lived because god wanted to use me to help others because he knew I had the heart, work ethic, and drive to do it. I feel this way because every decision I make I feel like god is living through me, making them with me, because decisions shape destiny. I believe my destiny is to inspire, educate, and motivate. The only thing that can change your life is making a decision and acting on it. That’s why when all my therapists gave me a swallow test and freaked out because the expensive machine said fluid was going straight to my lungs and I could get pneumonia and die, I just smiled and continued drinking my food and protein when I was told not to. I made the decision to continue doing it because nobody or nothing should tell you what you can or can’t do. GOD is in charge and only helps those who help themselves, THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I am not advocating being a person who listens to no one. I’m simply saying trust your instincts. Most often people want others to tell them what to do, or they want to follow others footsteps as opposed to walking their own path. I suggest following your heart and believing in yourself. Furthermore, if I had listened to doctors and therapists when I was in my first hospital, I would have never walked. They would constantly yell at me when I would stand in the cage they had me in, trying to build my leg muscles, and They would yell, “Lay down, go to sleep”. Later on in my therapy process was when I was told not to ever drink liquids or eat anything because it could go to my lungs, but I didn’t listen. The reason being, nobody or nothing knows my body and what’s going on inside better than me. Fortunately, my feeding tube was removed by a true blessing in disguise on my cruise. Presently, I am without it and doing great, healthier than ever and will continue. If it wasn’t for me pulling my feeding tube out while I was swimming, I would have still had the stupid annoying thing because doctors said I needed it to survive. The funny thing is, I’ve been without it for a very long time and am perfectly fine. Just as I admit I am wrong often and there is so much I do not know, because nobody or nothing is perfect, I believe some doctors need to get over themselves and realize they’re not god and they are only human. That’s not to say there aren’t amazing doctors who do save lives. After all, I am here thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses at Lehigh valley hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In conclusion, I sum up each entry with what I’ve written about- this one is short and simple:

1. Know who you are and where you are going in life and understand we are all here for a reason and have a destiny.
2. Follow your heart.
3. Listen to nobody or nothing but your instincts and trust your intuition.

May 31, 2011

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I believe the reason I was successful in life even going through all the struggle, heartache, drama, and unfortunate circumstances life threw my way is because I am emotionally fit. Through all my past experiences, both negative and positive, I have trained my mind to become emotionally fit. I feel that’s important in life. What I mean by emotional fitness is that with each circumstance that occurred in my life I was able to make a decision, I had trained my mind to think well what does this mean? Is this the beginning or end? Will this situation make me or break me? I had trained myself to look at the bright side of every situation; I always look at the bright side.
When I had to leave my first girlfriend, who I thought loved me and I thought I loved her, I was given a choice. The choice was do I stay for a girl, or do I leave and chase a dream? I decided to leave and it was by far the toughest decision of my life, in doing so, that situation had forced me to gain a tremendous amount of emotional fitness. I trained myself to look towards the future. I thought to myself, “Well, is this the end or beginning? Will this make me or break me?” I always ask myself questions because I understand the brain is controlled by questions. I worked hard because I saw it as the beginning. I wanted to go to college and become something great, “a national champ in wrestling”, get my teaching degree, and then come back home to my girlfriend, become a teacher and inspirational wrestling coach. Well that never happened. I broke my neck wrestling, and the girl had moved on. So through my college experience I had grown a tremendous amount of emotional fitness. It wasn’t in the classrooms doing work or hearing boring lectures. I learned it with all the problems life hurtled at me that I had to deal with as I was living alone for the first time. I wouldn’t have appreciated or enjoyed any relationship or connection with girls after if it weren’t for my first heartbreak, that’s why I appreciate it, and am glad it happened. . The choice was what do I do get angry and cry about it every day or do I use the heartache and anger as fuel for my journey. I learned bad things happen in life, but the great thing about life is we have a choice how it is going to affect us.
The injury I’m dealing with now has robbed me of almost everything imaginable. Everything that had brought me happiness in life before, my ability to eat, talk, drive, date and socialize was gone in a split second, or however long it took for my head to meet the tree. I was given another choice; I had to decide what does this mean. Is this the beginning or end? Is this going to make me or break me? I decided to let it define my character, not break it, and that’s the decision I make with all my struggles and that’s why I am so emotionally fit. I compare emotional fitness to aerobic or cardiovascular fitness; you don’t just get in shape in one day it takes months or years. With all the struggle and heartache I was given, it had made me emotionally fit just as I am aerobically and cardiovascular fit. Like anything, it takes practice and with all the practice I’ve had I can flip my emotions like a light switch. I do it simply by asking myself, “What does this mean? Is this the end or beginning? Will this make me or break me? Will I grow as a result of this?” If you’re not growing as a person you’re not living life to its fullest in my opinion. If a business isn’t growing or if a plant isn’t growing, they’re dying.
With every experience in my life, positive or negative, I saw them as they were. I’m not a pessimist or even an optimist; I’m more of a realist. I see things as they are, not better or worse. I have always been and continue to be honest with myself. That is why I get so frustrated when people who see me tell me how great I’m doing. Yes, I’m going great in life and dealing with the lemon it gave me, but what they don’t understand, because it’s not something that’s noticeable, is I can’t move my tongue side to side, I can’t pucker my lips, I drool sometimes, and it’s been nearly 3 years at this point. So dealing with my life while recovering I’m doing great, but as far as recovering my speech and ability to eat there is no improvement. It wasn’t until I was put into a position where I really needed good caring people with big hearts that I learned that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I felt god saved me for a reason, as silly as it may sound, but I want to help people anyway I can. That’s what drives me to do everything I do to get my message out. Going through all the struggles, I have realized anything I had success in gave me psychological strength an emotional fitness. Each circumstance I deal with is like another rep or set. When you lift weights to gain muscular strength you do sets or reps. I have just trained my mind to understand I’m simply doing another rep when a situation comes along that requires psychological strength.

May 6, 2011

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It truly is hard to put into words the feeling I get when I know I should be dead, but I’m not. I’m alive and doing more living then I have ever done. I can’t speak, but I am communicating with more people than I ever have. I can’t eat, but I am stronger and healthier than I ever have been. When I chose education as a career path, I did so because I loved kids, the beach, and summer. I thought what better career than teaching. Although I can’t teach in a school regularly and receive a monthly salary, what I have to teach is not just some boring text book material that kids will fall asleep while learning. What I have to teach is life changing. I am living proof of what not being responsible and drinking alcohol will do. Kids need to hear and see real life situations, not some lame ass unrealistic garbage taught by boring teachers who are there for a pay check. Unfortunately, those teachers make more money in one day than I’ve made in 3 years, but that’s just how it goes. I have learned an incredible amount through sports. Sports are tools that teach. They teach you good things and bad, it’s how you perceive it. I’ve looked at every experience as an opportunity to learn. I’ve had both negative and positive experiences. You can’t have the good without the bad, you don’t want bad things to happen, but they do and you deal with it. I failed over and over again and never quit and that is why I was successful in sports and life. If I could wake up every day and go teach at a school and receive a regular salary that would be amazing, but at the same time simple. My life has been anything but simple and that is why I am strong. I will take the good with the bad andnot quit, and in doing so become successful and have my message heard by as many as possible. The good is the message I have to tell. The bad is I do not have a regular career that I can wake up and routinely go teach. That’s ok though, I never take the easy route, even when I have a choice. So what I am doing now is beginning the Mike Wojcik THINK BEFORE YOU ACT FOUNDATION. Its focus is simple, to get people to think before they act, because if not their lives can be changed forever in a split second. I have had some truly great people offer their assistance out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing it because they feel the message is important, despite how busy their own lives are, and for that I am so appreciative. It is very surprising to see who is willing to help, people you never thought would help you do. Unfortunately, there is a vice versa to that.

Apr 23, 2011

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IMPRESSED, GREATFUL, and HONORED are a few emotions I felt this Sunday. It doesn’t take much for me to be grateful for anything after all I have been through, lost, and got back. After all I have been through before my injury, my recovery, and even things I witnessed, it takes a lot to impress me. However, today I was very impressed when a group of people, some friends, some I’ve never met, ran the Tough Mudder in my honor because they felt if I could go through all the obstacles and struggles I have, they should at least be able to run what is considered the toughest race on the planet, and in my opinion it just might be. This was not your average lame ass boring race where all you do is run around a flat track. This was a 12 mile race around a mountain that included many obstacles. Some obstacles included freezing cold water, electricity, and some required team work. This race reminded me very much of life, after all life is one obstacle after another, some more challenging than others. In life you need to be willing to take the hits each obstacle throws at you, learn from them, stay motivated, and keep pushing forward, because after you complete one obstacle, you can bet your ass there will be more to follow. The universe makes you pay a price if you want to achieve greatness, or achieve anything, and live a better life. This universe will leave you alone and just pass you up if you do not set goals, become ambitious, push yourself, and just let society and situations shape your life as opposed to creating your own life by simply choosing you want more. However, the minute you decide you want more for yourself and (we replaced the comma with the word “and”;) you want great things, that’s exactly when the climb begins, the road to success. That decision will shape your destiny. In life, just like the Tough Mudder, each obstacle will be different and require different characteristics. Some might be relationship obstacles, school, career, financial, social life, sports, or WHATEVER, everyone is different and has different wants values of what makes them happy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, life had a different plan for me. I was forced to start over after accomplishing every goal; I had a beautiful girl, I was about to begin my new career, and I was finally happy after years of struggling. With life’s curve ball, the only good part was every experience and situation I dealt with prior to my injury, my injury, and now in recovery, prepared me and has made me hungry to get everything back, including a new girl, and a new career. Much like the Tough Mudder, each obstacle in life is extremely challenging, but when you complete one it leaves you with a feeling of happiness that you accomplished something. It also leaves you with the feeling of satisfaction and belief in yourself. You get in a mindset where you consciously or unconsciously believe, “Hey, if I can do that obstacle I can do the next one’’, and you just do that as many times as it takes until you achieve your goal. A trick I used my whole life to accomplish things is I break things down to one step, one day at a time. If I have to go away and leave home for 5 years, I would just take it one day at a time and I know if I make the best out of each day, everyday for 5 years, eventually I will be home. If I had to run or walk 1,000 miles, I understand it all begins with one step, and I just get into a routine to always take that next step, and I take a million steps until I achieve that goal. If you can just develop an attitude and mindset where you never QUIT and ALWAYS take that next step, in time you will be shocked by your accomplishments. Unfortunately, many quit at the first sign of struggle, they choose the easy way out. The feeling you get when you come home or walk those 1,000 miles is a feeling that is unexplainable because you either did something that most others didn’t, or said you couldn’t, and with a simple thought or memory you can feel that satisfaction. Everyone who completed the Tough Mudder achieved something far greater than they can even understand yet; they accomplished something that nobody or nothing can take from them. When life throws an obstacle in their way they can just think, “Hey, I did the Tough Mudder”, then all they have to do is think to themselves, “How did I get through the Tough Mudder?” then apply the same characteristics and get in the same mindset. Most importantly they can now believe in themselves. The most frustrating amd challenging thing in my recovery, and the reason I worked so hard and am still not recovered, is because there are no guarantees no matter how hard I work. There is no saying there is an end of the road, or I will get home. Usually results motivate me, that’s how my learning to walk on my own so quickly turned into me running and working out at gym all the time. Unfortunately, with my speech, hand, and foot, the results are minimal. The absolute hardest thing for me was to find hope. What keeps me motivated is kind words from other people, faith, and believing in my brain to heel. I have come too far for god to leave me speechless. The ability to eat I can live without, I am the most healthy I have ever been by drinking my food. I am so appreciative I can walk rather than eat and talk. I believe appreciation and Gratitude are great emotions to exercise every day. The way I exercise these emotions is by receiving that feeling in my body and then expressing it in the form of a smile or dance. I would be the fattest most out of shape kid if I ate nearly as much as I run and work out, and if I talked as much as I write people would avoid me. Going back to breaking things down, you can use this technique on anything. Most people get so overwhelmed with how much they have to do that they avoid it, procrastinate, or give up on doing it completely. If you could just learn to break things down and turn them into routines and rituals, your life comes from them. Who you are, what you will become, where you will go all come from routines and rituals.

Apr 9, 2011

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I am very confident I have a story worth hearing; it’s a story that has the capability to inspire, educate, and motivate. The only problem is only I know how much my story can motivate, inspire and educate. The public has no idea of the struggles I endured and am in the process of overcoming and how many odds I defied. I did this simply with the power of the human mind, powers that are obvious and come natural to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the Jersey Shore, smooshing or hooking up with grenades, nor was I the star of a hit TV show who had a breakdown. I did not take my break down publicly and start rambling verbal fece nonsense to make money. Unfortunately our society rewards and encourages that behavior, then has the audacity to wonder why people act so reckless. This truly bothers me but encourages me to get my story out and make a positive difference in people’s live’s The problem is not with snookie or charley sheen, the problem is with the people who are entertained with their nonsense, naturally people love watching this garbage the sad part is I’m sure Snookie and Charlie laugh all the way to the bank, it doesn’t seem fair a regular guy like me like me who has a story that could change life’s is stuck paying millions of dollars in medical bills and has no income since august 2008. But that’s ok its situations like this that get me extremely aggravated and in turn motivates me, that’s why I feel maybe in some strange way I was meant to get injured, maybe my face smashing that tree was a wakeup call to me seeing my destiny, because my theory in life is always push never quite and believe. So I will do all I can to get my story heard by as many as possible, so god chose the right kid for the task at hand. Yes I am not well known by the public and it will be challenging to get my message out but I ALWAYS PUSH, and BELIEVE my story is worth hearing, because what happened to me is something that can easily happen to the audience I am trying to reach, I am hopeful there are many principals and deans who agree with me that my message is a important one that needs to be heard, or at least more important then snookies 32000 dollar message party hard but study harder harder, or Charlie sheens million dollar saying, WINNING

Mar 20, 2011

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